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We are still open for new business and following all state and local guidelines due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are still operating normal hours and taking new requests for tree removal, stump grinding, stump removal, tree trimming and more!

Fall will soon be upon us! Let us help you keep your yard looking great talk to us about the challenges you face! Lets keep those trees, shrubs, bushes and greenery looking great!

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Thank you everyone that recently posted for reviews we are very thank to hear about your feed back on our Tree Services...from ...tree removal,tree trimming, stump removal, and stump grinding!

We wanted to inform all of our amazing customers that we still open and taking new requests! Regardless if it is tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming we are ready to help!

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5 months ago
Hatboro Expect Tree Service is an amazing company. I had two trees taken down in my back yard. After calling I knew they were the real deal and could get it done for a good price and when i wanted. They are not like some tree service companies that just show up. The trees were removed quickly in the morning and by when I cam home it was like they were never there ! Thanks again guys
- Kota G
5 months ago
Thank you Hatboro Expert Tree Service for helping me with getting my trees taken down. I am glad you guys were fair and transparent upfront with me and there was no hidden surprises. I am glad you could take down all the trees and take care of trimming the bushes too so quickly only in one day!
- Nissan T
5 months ago
I was happy i made the call to this tree Company. They came out, removed a large tree, cleared it away and left my yard neat after cleaning it up. I will be using them again in the future. Will be sure to call them again for tree removal!
- Tamara D

Tree Removal, That is Affordable

Welcome to Hatboro Expert Tree ServiceLocated in Hatboro,PA, servicing sounding areas in south eastern Pennsylvania!
We are open year round through all the seasons! 

At Hatboro Expert Tree Service, we are your local one stop place to go for all your tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, stump removal and more! We are here to help you tame mother nature in an affordable way with amazing service! We go above and beyond for our customers treating them more than just a number. We know you are not going to just call anyone you need an expert that you can trust! We are passionate about our community and seeing people happy and safe. Our work is about doing what is best for the community. We know what it is like to try and find a tree service company that can deliver what you need. It is a hassle to dig through Google and Yelp or where you can find suggestions for a company. Trust is everything in this industry and it is key to be able to be treated how you want to be treated. Getting tree service done is stressful for so many people. In fact most people are putting off things like tree removal because they are worried about the cost and hassle. On top of that not all tree service companies are going to take the time to treat a customer with the respect they deserve.  Some tree companies you call and explain the situation that are super hungry for the sale and rush you off the phone. Next thing you know they are pushing you around and they don't care about your needs. Many tree service companies work on their terms and don't even invite the customer to the table. This is something we want to be different from our competitors. We wanted to become the best of the best in customer service. Not only this but we hire only the best of the best in terms of experts. We have certified personnel that are knowledgeable of how to deal with every challenge. As we always say you never know what mother nature is going to throw at you. Every day is a different challenge and you never know what problems it will present. We are here to help with not only what can be planned but also the unexpected. In particular events such as fallen trees due to a storm. Yet many problems can be avoided with proper planning. An assessment is the first major step to get the process going. We want to hear from you learn about what you are planning. Big and small we do it all! We have the tools, equipment, experts and attitude to get the job done!
Give us a call today to get the treatment and service you deserve. We are looking forward to hearing how we can help. 

Hiring A Professional
The term "tree service" is a widely defined word that many companies could fit into this category. It is important to only seek advice from a highly trained professional. Qualified experts and Certified Experts. This means these experts are educated and properly trained very vicariously to have the knowledge needed for the job. Our experts will listen to what specific trees and greenery you have and what you want to accomplish. There is a very correct way and very incorrect way to handle these situations. Whatever the goal a well versed expert is going to be able to get to the root of the problem(pun intended).
Tree removal is something that we all will have to worry about as a property owner. It happens all the time we hear about a tree in a storm that crashed in the neighborhood and caused damage. Or maybe this something that has happened to you! This situation is very stressful to have a tree crash down on our homes, lawns or even power lines. Tree removal companies like us are extra busy during storms. We know the phone will start ringing as soon as the forecast calls for high winds. There are many other reasons to want to get your trees removed. 

Reasons for Tree Removal-Free up space-Trees are diseased and sick-Trees are a hazard to the property

Maybe you want to free up more space on your property? Getting trees removed to free up areas on your property is a great way to give the lawn a new look. Maybe you want more room for the kids to play, or more room to get an addition to the house. Regardless of the reason we can help you completely get rid of the trees that you want taken down and make it look like it was never there. This includes, even going all the way down to the stump and roots. We will be sure to get to the entire tree down to the roots gone. 

Hiring A Professional Makes A Big Difference
How do we define what a professional is? A professional is really someone who is experienced, trained, and has high standards for themselves. Yes there are some great homeowners who can cut down trees themselves but there are several things to say about this. 
The first thing is a professional is trained by other experienced professionals on how to cut down a tree and climb the tree. Climbing the tree is definitely dangerous and if you are an amatuer climbing a tree in some way you are exposing yourself up to serious danger. Climbing a tree involves using rope, cables, a series of knots to properly secure the body up the tree in a canopy. This is definitely something very difficult for a random person who never did this before to master off the bat. This took an expert a great deal of training and they were guided and watched by professionals. Training may vary from region to region and there are certifications that go into this process. You have to show you are able to safely maneuver up the tree and handle the stress of this. As an ammeter you should never try to climb a tall tree by yourself and do this yourself. Why risk potential severe injuries when someone else could do this for you? It is important to always allow others to do this for you! Do not leave this to a chance of danger. Experts are well trained to handle this line of work year round. Do not take shortcuts, hire an expert that can do the whole thing themselves. 

You trees have become sick and diseased!
Maybe your tree has become sick with a disease or fungus that has destroyed it or nearly destroyed it. The worst part is trees are highly contagious in many situations to other trees so it is possible for your tree to spread a disease to another tree. We can help with our certified experts to make sure your tree is treated or removed depending on the situation. An expert will be able to come out to look at the extent and make a decision on how compromised the tree is. If your tree has few leaves in the spring and mostly dead branches it is likely time to get rid of this tree. Once a tree is highly infected it may be too late to save it. Disease treatment has to be done quickly and not all trees can be saved. The most important thing is to prevent the disease from spreading to another tree. This will create a way more costly problem long term as you could expose many trees. Give us a call and we will assess how we can help you!

Climbing spikes are damaging using the right equipment is key to the situation
Climbing spikes are a tool to allow a climber to support his weight while climbing. Spikes will damage the tree bark and the tree itself. Thus tree spikes for example should never be used on a tree that you are trying to save.
Tree Topping vs. Crown ReductionAlthough tree topping or, cutting off the top of the tree is a very commonly used practice it is risky. Many tree experts do not recommend it and see the dangers in it. Tree topping can easily kill a tree if done poorly. Instead many experts recommend tree topping instead. Crown reduction is less damaging and used to thin out limbs and branches carefully. We have had a lot of experience with this and really have thought a lot about this and come to this conclusion. We want to see happy customers with good looking trees and lawns. There is a lot of information out there and many myths and misunderstood concepts. Cutting a tree is simple in a way but also not so simple in a way. We see all the different possibilities 

We offer tree removal in Hatboro,  Warrington PA, Huntingdon Valley, Warwick, Willow Grove, Feasterville PA, Bensalem, Southampton PA, and the surrounding area! We are proud to help the community that we do, Whatever the reason we are the experts to call with fair affordable rates!  Other ServicesTree Trimming:Tree trimming that is affordable and done timely. Getting your trees trimmed is an essential way to go about making sure that you can maintain healthy trees long term. There is a very right way and a very wrong way to get this done. Trimming branches improperly will cause the entire tree to become sick and even die. Many trees young and old need to be properly trimmed to be able to grow. It is essential for you to call experts that are properly trained to handle this type of work. We are ready to help you get your trees properly maintained. There are several factors that go into making sure this is done properly.  Dead branches and trees Dead branches are a significant risk of falling and uneasy to look at. These branches serve no useful purpose to the tree and actually drain its health. Because these branches do not sprout leaves they are easily identified starting in the spring. A dead tree branch should be removed quickly and not left to cause harm.   
 Fungus and mushrooms Fungus and mushrooms growing on a tree or around the base of a tree are signs of decaying or rotting or roots. This can lead to a lot of problems later as weakening roots will eventually possibly destroy the whole tree. You do not want to be in a situation where because of neglect a weakened tree collapses in your yard and this could have been prevented.   HEALTHY TREES! Having healthy trees increases your property value and it above all prevents future problems from happening. If you have younger trees under 5 years especially if you have not had them properly maintained yet it is time to give us a call.All trees need loving and are living creatures too that have needs. Give us a call today to discuss how we can go help today!    Stump grinding and Stump Removal  Stump Grinding is considered to be more efficient than for example stump removal, however, it will leave the tree's roots behind. You want to be able to clear out these pesky stumps and retake your lawn. There are a lot of advantages to get your stump grinned or removed. For one stumps are a haven for insects and pests that can spread nothing but trouble. Let us get this problem taken care of before it happens.   Specialized equipment is needed to get rid of the stump or grind it down. Not to worry we have all the equipment and trained staff that is ready to take on any challenges. 
  Girding roots Girdling roots are roots that are wrapped around the tree trunk or the base of the tree. These will show signs of decaying and rotting wood or roots.  Stump removal does not have to be hard or challenging to figure out.  Do not get stumped on who to call we are ready to help you! We also do! Crowning, lightning protection, planting, transplanting, insect and disease inspection, shrub pruning, fertilization and more! 

What is important to us!We value hard days' work and the benefits it brings. Cutting down trees is not an easy job but it is rewarding. I started this business years ago because I wanted to take control of the customer interaction and the service and build it in a way that works. I wanted to make the business about getting the trust of those who need it by providing outstanding work. It is important in this business to really have that trust factor. Getting a tree removed can seem like a daunting task. Sure for a tree climber it has gotten easy because you have that much experience from all these years. But for a new customer it can be scary and overwhelming. You may have so many questions and concerns about getting this work done. The biggest concern is always keeping the property safe. It is a great thing to consider and go with a tree company with a good reputation, and that meets all requirements. You need to be able to trust that a tree service company can do the job with the highest level of professionalism. This is very important to us to make sure we can get things done for you. Tree service is more than just a company that makes a living cutting down trees. There is a lot more to it then just cutting a tree down and packing up and going home. When you are a tree service company you have the ability to protect nature and design the community. Our community would be nothing without trees, greenery and nature is everything. Plants and trees are an essential part of our communities and planet's health. We have a big responsibility also to protect our planet and we support green energy, sustainable energy and as well responsible tree removal. We also save a lot of trees as well by keeping them healthy, from disease and neglect. This is one of our crowning achievements as we strive to save hundreds and hundreds of trees a year. We know that long term we are doing a great service to the community keeping it looking great. We also provide a place for great people to work and make a living treating our employees with respect and investing in them. We like to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and we open up education and advancement to all our team members. Education and training is important and every tree service company knows of the training this job brings. Tree climbers are well trained and experienced and generally compensated well for their bravery. It takes a special type of man or woman to climb trees all day for a living. Many people are afraid of heights and to be suspended in the air. Not a tree climber they enjoy the excitement perhaps of being on the go and the challenges this career brings. No two days are ever the same. One day you could be trimming some small bushes and the next day you could be 40 feet up in the air removing a massive oak tree. This definitely is not your standard 9-5 office job if you are a tree climber the excitement never ends. A lot of tree climbers have been doing this line of work their whole life even and really like their job. There is something about the thrill of the line of work and the satisfaction of a job well done. However there is a high deal of professionalism and skill in this business. There is a lot of thought that goes into this line of work as we plan and we are able to see every possible outcome. The angle the tree is cut and what branches can and can not be cut for example are possible factors. 

Healthy Trees and Plants Increase Land Value Yes you heard that right you can increase your properties value by the trees and plants on it alone. Some historical trees for example can drastically shoot up property value. Our community has a lot of trees that are older than the community itself. Our community is rich in history Philadelphia and the surrounding area has seen so much history.  Our country would not be what it was without all the amazing history that passed through it. We are proud to be a part of this rich historical community. Throughout the area you will find some incredible parks such as Penny Pack Reserve. These beautiful parks are home to a rich variety of historical trees many of whom can be a hundred or even two hundred years old. You can tell nature is important to a lot of people in the community. Trees can also be looked at as assets too not all homeowners want to remove all the trees. Trees, bushes, shrubs and greenery have a therapeutic effect on the mind. We are wired to want to see nature and its glory. This is what creates a very calming effect as we look at nature. Newer homes tend to have less

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